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Torque Equalizers

All boats react to propeller rotation causing a dangerous pull to one direction of the other. Fighting it can be very tiring to the boat’s driver. StingRay provides the solution with Torque Equalizers.

StingRay Torque Equalizers, when placed on a StingRay Classic Senior or Junior, will reduce or completely eliminate dangerous steering torque on all boats. With a StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer and Torque Equalizers, boats track straight, are easier to control, safer to handle, and the driver’s arm won’t tire out after a day on the water.

By adjusting in 10 degree increments on the underside of the wings, Torque Equalizers provide superior leverage over auxiliary wedges or center mounted sacrificial anode torque tabs. In comparison, other solutions don’t work nearly as well.

After one ride you’ll know why Torque Equalizers are the premier solution for correcting bothersome steering torque.

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