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The StingRay Classic was developed over 20 years ago from the most advanced computer engineering of its time. This bolt-on hydrofoil has proved extremely reliable and has become the number one selling marine accessory of all-time! With a StingRay Classic installed, boats get up on plane 50% faster, while bow rise is also reduced. Chinewalking, porpoising, and [+]

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  View Our Distributors Academy: StingRay StarFire Bass Pro Shops: StingRay StarFire Cabela’s: StingRay StarFire Overton’s: StingRay StarFire West Marine: StingRay StarFire Gander Mountain: StingRay StarFire  

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Stealth 2

The StingRay Stealth 2 is the world’s first and only dual angle of attack hydrofoil. This feature alone allows boaters to experience optimal performance at all throttle ranges. At lower speeds, the hydrofoil utilizes its inner angle, while at higher throttle ranges the Stealth2 uses its wing tips to maintain consistent, impressive performance improvement. The [+]

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  The StingRay XRIII is the no-drill attachment pioneer in the hydrofoil industry. Along with providing all of the StingRay Classic performance benefits, the XRIII also provides the fastest hole shot in the industry! The unique design of this hydrofoil harnesses the prop-wash and redirects it into a powerful, thrust-enhancing cone. The XRIII improves top speed and gives boats [+]

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Torque Equalizers

All boats react to propeller rotation causing a dangerous pull to one direction of the other. Fighting it can be very tiring to the boat’s driver. StingRay provides the solution with Torque Equalizers. StingRay Torque Equalizers, when placed on a StingRay Classic Senior or Junior, will reduce or completely eliminate dangerous steering torque on all boats. With [+]

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Lifetime Warranty

All of our products come standard with a one year warranty. While our products are built to be extremely durable, the environment that our hydrofoils are subjected to is harsh and things can happen. Below is a list of our available extended warranties to protect you for the unexpected.

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